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Intro Communication Session
Up to hour session
Price: $70.00
Walking with your Animal Companions:
Professional Interspecies Communicator, Joni Wamer

All interspecies animal communicators use telepathic communication to talk with animals. Some of us are better at seeing pictures of what the animal is communicating, others hear the animal in their head, others feel them in their body. A few interspecies animal communicators use all of these.
I have helped clients connect with animal friends who have passed on, help to solve behavior issues, attempting to locate lost animals. If you have any of these needs or just want to talk to your animal friend, give me a try.
Visit the following pages for a more detail, look at what I do and how you can do it too!
 If you have up to three animals for three separate telepathic communication sessions the one time charge to talk with all three is $100. This is a savings of $110 from the individual session price.

Companion Animal Chaplain and Pastoral Ministry.
See page on pastoral care for grief and end of life pastoral and spiritual services.
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